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This 2011 film Something Borrowed which stars Kate Hudson (Darcy), Ginnifer Goodwin (Rachel) and Colin Egglesfield (Dex) is about two friends who both want the same guy. The only difference is that Rachel loves him while Darcy isn't sure whether he's the one. When Rachel catches a cab with Dex after her 30th birthday party they end up waking up to each other the next day. The two must try and keep their love for each other a secret from Darcy. Just as you thought things couldn't get any worse, you were wrong. Darcy is Dex's fiance.
Something Title
There is a thin line between love.

Characters & CastEdit

Kate Hudson ~ Darcy

Ginnifer Goodwin ~ Rachel

Colin Egglefield ~ Dex

John Krasinski ~ Ethan

Steve Howey ~ Marcus

Ashley Williams ~ Claire

Geoff pierson ~ Dexter Thaler Senior

Something Borrowed NovelEdit

Something Borrowed is a novel written in 2005 by Emily Griffin. This novel is all about relationships and friendship and the title comes from the
traditional nursery rhyme that is used on wedding days Something old, something new.

This novel was on The New York Times Best Seller List and the USA Today's Top 150 list. It is now being made into a film by Hilary Swank's shared production company and will be released in 2011. It is believed that there will be a second part to the film as there is a second story which is from Darcy's point of view which is called Something Blue.

Something Borrowed Film TrailerEdit

Something Borrowed Official Trailer02:59

Something Borrowed Official Trailer

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